Friday, 26 August 2016

Combiner Wars Ultra Magnus

Can you deal with this now? (let's get that out of the way first shall we...) It's time to take a look at Combiner Wars Leader Ultra Magnus!

Magnus has a suitably sizeable alt mode. I actually see a lot of car carriers that look just like Magnus around where I work. Or maybe it's just the one and the Duly Appointed Enforcer of the Tyrest Accord is keeping an eye on me...

Just like a good car carrier, he carries cars. 

Elephant in the room! Or like, the opposite of that... It's Minimus Ambus! The inclusion of the latest incarnation of Ultra Magnus' mild-mannered alter ego was the main draw of this figure to me. I'm a big More Than Meets The Eye fan, so to have a new Magnus that had Minimus hidden away inside him was too much at the time. 
I'll admit though, since having this guy for about a year I rarely ever put Minimus in that heavily detailed chest cavity...

The Big Man

Screens and levers and controls and things! 

And just like that you can tell yourself Magnus isn't just a suit for a tiny moustachioed fellow.

His big guns combine with his rocket pods to form a hammer. I can take or leave this feature. Sure, hammer wielding has been the wont of recent Magnuses (Magnii?) but I don't need this guy to be able to do that. He can't quite hold it right either, it's very clearly the top half of a hammer shaped object with a gun stuck on the bottom.

Because what else is there to reference other than the 86 movie, right?

Ultra Magnus may just be a big hollow shell for a small suave man but I really do like this figure. The metallic blue and red plastics please mine eyes and he's chunky and posable, if a little lighter than he looks.
You can't say he's not photogenic though!

That's enough of that though, I need those doorframe audits on my desk by 5... 

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