Thursday, 7 July 2016

Combiner Wars Swindle

Let's make a deal, take a look at this post and I'll give you one of my solid gold Cadillacs out back...

It's Swindle time! Hide ya wallet! 

The second most interesting Combaticon limb person comes to Combiner Wars in pretty detail heavy fashion I think you'd agree. Something about the intricacies of this guy's sculpt (much like Brawl but even moreso) seem to push him above most of the rest of the CW line to me. He's dripping in detail that didn't necessarily need to be there. 
Could use a touch more purple though. 

You can get a bit of character out of the figure, but honestly it doesn't feel like you can get enough. In my head Swindle shouldn't be as big and boxy as this. He's wider than Brawl for Primus' sake and that hampers his door-to-door conman feel I think. 

Certainly doesn't stop him from warring though. If he can't sell his guns at least he can damn well use 'em. 

Vehicle mode is - like the robot mode - slightly out of character. I understand that making the jeep a proper roofless deal would have put extra strain on the design of a conversion scheme when this guy's gotta combine too, but this odd swap from windscreen and no roof to no windscreen and roof feels slightly rootless. I can't summon the image of a real equivalent of this vehicle in my mind, but that doesn't stop it from feeling real. 

Yet more pin sharp detail gushes out from the sides of this thing. I especially love that topside of the front end just managing to undulate enough to replicate the look of the G1 version while being covered in panels and rivets and grilles. 

This heavy front end certainly conjures images of Swindle crashing through jungle rivers and properly toughing it out while he gets caked in mud. 

Having got my hands on the Hound redo since, I have to say painted lights would have been nice here. 

What do you think's in those pouches?
Plus, check that suspension!
Just don't notice his hands right there all up in the seats. 

Obligatory limb shots here. I actually prefer leaving the bonnet section folded up against the arms when he's a leg. Adds a nice slope from knee to ankle. But I haven't put a picture of that here cos that costs extra.

Oh and we're just out of gold Cadillacs, sorry.
See ya!

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