Thursday, 9 June 2016

RID Destructicon Scourge (And A Welcome)

Right! Let's get this party started with a look at RID (2001) Destructicon Scourge!
Go ahead and click on the pic above for a fuller-size gallery mode!
I'll be mostly progressing with all this in no particular chronological order; neither is this guy my first bot or my latest. But he is my most recent "complete" look at a figure. 
Isn't he pretty?


I won't aim to waffle on, espousing opinions on the figures I feature here (I do enough of that on Twitter and Youtube) but I will give a little background when I feel like it.
Scourge here represents a 13 year want for me. Back in the halcyon days of 2003, when a trip to Toys R Us was a real pilgrimage, I recall seeing the Destructicons on pegs and marveling at them slightly for being RID figures essentially in Armada packaging. My curiousity was piqued until I saw the price tag and thought "£15 for a deluxe? What makes this worth a fiver more than the Armada ones?" and that was that. I never saw the pair again but they lingered somewhere in the back of my mind for years until I finally found Bludgeon at Auto Assembly in 2014 and more recently had a spectacular stroke of luck winning Scourge here MISB with a single bid on ebay. And for barely any more than the price I turned my nose up at 13 years ago. Nice.

He's a bit wobbly, bless him. 

With Takara Adventure Nemesis Prime

With G2 Hero Optimus Prime

With G2 Hero Optimus Prime

Being a redeco of 1995's Hero Optimus, I thought I'd include a comparison here. It's like night and day. Can't say for sure which I prefer, but Scourge's metallics and forearm badges make me lean towards him. 

With fellow Destructicon Bludgeon

That's it for now. I'll endeavour to make these posts a bit more like worthy content as time goes on, Hasta luego!

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