Saturday, 18 June 2016

Combiner Wars Blast Off

Countdown to chocolate based space puns, T-Minus 5, 4, 3, 2, 1... Blast Off!
Yes, Combiner Wars Blast Off, the controversial Not Space Shuttle is my second Combaticon to look at. 

For a robot mode (in much softer focus than I realised when I took these...) Blast Off looks alright eh? Bringing that Cadbury Dairy Milk themed deco with a big ol' badge and a gunmetal gun. Looks sharp enough. 

Yeah, he's got a face. Do I care? No. 

"OK, jerk."

Being a reworking of CW Firefly, here's that appropriate comparison (since I don't have Quickslinger, the bot that step closer on this mold's family tree)

And being a Firefly family member, he's a jet!
Again, do I care? No. 

To be honest (and reveal my very non-G1 allegiances) I never understood why there was a space shuttle in the Combaticons. How is that a military vehicle? When have they ever been brown? You get all these much-more-glaring-than-average scale incongruities with the rest of the team too. 
So, logically I think going back and doing it "properly" and making him a jet works just fine. When you line up the roster of vehicles his teammates make - truck, tank, jeep, chopper - it feels like "fighter jet" is the only thing missing in that military line up. 

Here he is being limbs that aren't on Bruticus again cos I took these photos before I got Onslaught...

Oh, there really weren't any chocolate space puns there were there? I am a disappointment. I'll just sit here and eat my Mars bar dejectedly. 

Next up: a 4WD con man! Probably. 

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